Off to Vietnam & Cambodia!

It was time for a family trip to Southeast Asia!

Alec (15) had it right when he was telling people “this isn’t going to be a piña colada and beach vacation– we’re going to Vietnam to explore the culture.”

For me, Vietnam was a mystery that I was hoping to unravel. I was a kid when the Vietnam War was nearing the end in 1973 and the Paris Peace Accords were signed. I didn’t understand much about it. In 1985, President Clinton re-established diplomatic relations with Vietnam. Soon after, people started vacationing in Vietnam to gasps of horror for some, and expressions of exoticism to others. This was always perplexing to me. I was eager to see Vietnam, meet the people, learn perspectives and develop my own voice on the subject. I was also excited to experience the cuisine!

Our 2-week journey:

I was also excited about our anticipated flight path that would take us across the north pole and over Russia into Hong Kong. Here’s a photo from the in-flight entertainment system! So glad I didn’t sleep thru this portion of the flight!


Next stop – Hong Kong

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  1. Just like New Orleans, you aced it. So enjoyed this blog. A lot of it was very nostalgic. Agree with your comment on the preservation of Ho Chi Minh. I thought he was going to sit up and speak with us. You are so talented and doing a great service to us all by creating this stunning blog ❤️❤️

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