The Path of the Gods

Winding its way along the rocky coast through lemon and olive groves, The Path of the Gods descends from the mountain town of Bomerano to the seaside in Positano. With a name like that, this hike had a lot of built in expectations. Fortunately it didn’t disappoint.

We started with a bus ride ’up’ from our base in Amalfi. The winding roads are completely incompatible with full size busses, but the bus drivers pull it off with a casual attitude. We were far from alone, almost the entire bus was filled with people with the same plan. In Bomerano we grabbed a panini for the hike and headed to the start of the trail.

The path ends in Nocelle, a village above Positano, where we enjoyed a lemon granita before starting down a few steps to Positano. How many steps you ask? 1960 if I counted correctly! Very happy we were headed down not up.

Finally we arrived in Positano – built into the hillside and filled with an endless bounty of upscale shopping.

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