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Planning done. Shopping done. Packing done. Refrigerator cleaned out. Dog in kennel. Might as well go to Italy! We are off for a 4 week adventure, visiting the Amalfi coast, Sicily, and Rome. Our first step, a transportation cornucopia.

We had an easy overnight flight to Rome, took the airport express train into the city, then the high speed rail to Naples, then a ferry to Capri. Everything went well and we arrived in Capri on an earlier ferry than expected. A 2 euro funicular ride to climb the 150 meters from the port to the town of Capri, a short walk and we arrived at our hotel. Well traveled but not exhausted. Dropped our bags in the room and headed out on a walk in search of views and cocktails. Found both. An early dinner, a good nights sleep and off to explore Capri for the next two days!

Our arrival into Capri
Happy hour view. 12 euro beers seem perfectly reasonable for this!

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